Donald Trump: “I don’t want to be president” – entire 1987 CNN interview (Larry King Live)

Donald Trump: “I don’t want to be president”. This video was aired approximately September 2, 1987, interview with CNN’s Larry King, Donald Trump said back in 1987 he has no interest in being president and explains on-air why he took out an ad ripping the George H.W. Bush administration. Amazingly President Donald Trump feeling back in 1987 sound a lot […]

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Happy Days Star Erin Moran Dies At 56

Erin Moran

Happy Days star was found dead. The actress, best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the popular sitcom, also starred in her own short-lived spinoff, “Joanie Loves Chachi.” She went on to star in some smaller acting roles. In the end it was said she had been removed from her trailer home she was living in with her mother. According […]

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