The Man behind the Shampoo Pranks -Hooman Nouri

His name is Hooman Nouri.  He is the creator the shampoo pranks featured on youtube and facebook. He has a youtube channel called HoomanTV.  He often creates content on YouTube and churns out millions of views.  His videos and social experiments are very funny and most notable for him hiding in the background with cameras recording his video prank and can be seen pouring shampoo […]

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Melissa McCarthy – SNL Sean Spicer Press Conference Video’s

Mellisa McCarthy SNL

Melissa McCarthy – SNL Sean Spicer Press Conference’s Melissa McCarthy – SNL Sean Spicer Press Conference video skits are the new past time. Both Melissa and Alec Baldwin have made many appearances on Saturday Night Live lately. Some say SNL is funny again, but are the producers and the cast going to far? Some critics say the show is going too far just to […]

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