The Man behind the Shampoo Pranks -Hooman Nouri

His name is Hooman Nouri.  He is the creator the shampoo pranks featured on youtube and facebook. He has a youtube channel called HoomanTV.  He often creates content on YouTube and churns out millions of views. 

His videos and social experiments are very funny and most notable for him hiding in the background with cameras recording his video prank and can be seen pouring shampoo to unsuspecting beach patrons.

The Man behind the Shampoo Pranks -Hooman Nouri

 Hooman has accumulated many millions of views on YouTube check it out.


14,507,253 views 10 months ago

Now Hooman has a secret weapon. He even invested in a Hollywood police officer for his shampoo pranks.


Part 1 – What started it all

Check out his Police Edition prank when teamed up with a movie Police Officer to pull the ultimate Shampoo Prank.

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