American Airlines Flight Attendant and a Passenger Viral Video

Who is to Blame in Todays Viral Video between the American Airlines Flight Attendant and Passenger?

What is becoming the most shared video between an American Airlines flight attendant and a passenger went viral after the flight attendant reportedly grabbed the passenger’s stroller and nearly hit her baby in the process.

Watch the video and determine who you think is to blame.

American Airlines Flight Attendant  Viral Video

American Airlines has suspended this crew member. They have now apologized for what happened and how the flight attendant reacted and spoke to a passenger on the plane.

It was very sad listening to the woman passenger crying basically the entire time. News reports inform us the woman received a first class upgrade for the entire family. The airline acted quickly to get out ahead of the release of the video and to apologize to the family. So this incident did not turn into a media debacle similar to the United Airlines incident last week.