Delta’s Car Seat Argument


Delta’s Car Seat Argument Kicks Family Off of Flight

What is going on with the customer service at airlines worldwide. Every time you turn around there seems to be some type of confrontation or lashing out. One of the instances was last month, upon a Delta Airlines flight when a family from California kicked off a Los Angeles-bound flight after a flight attendant insisted that their 2-year-old son could not sit in his own seat. He father purchased the seat however the flight attendant insisted that a delta-airlines-family-kicked-off-flighttwo year old could only be seated in a passengers lap. In accordance to the youtube video that was uploaded, the parents fought for their right to keep their toddler in his car seat on a seat that was purchased.

Delta’s website says that children 2 years old and under can fly in their own seat while secured in an approved car seat or sit on an adults lap. When the couple refused to exit the plane, a Delta employee threatened that the couple “will be in jail.” The family was later forced to pay for a new flight home the following day. Delta reported that they are sorry for what the family has gone through.