The Man behind the Shampoo Pranks -Hooman Nouri

His name is Hooman Nouri.  He is the creator the shampoo pranks featured on youtube and facebook. He has a youtube channel called HoomanTV.  He often creates content on YouTube and churns out millions of views.  His videos and social experiments are very funny and most notable for him hiding in the background with cameras recording his video prank and can be seen pouring shampoo […]

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Delta’s Car Seat Argument


Delta’s Car Seat Argument Kicks Family Off of Flight What is going on with the customer service at airlines worldwide. Every time you turn around there seems to be some type of confrontation or lashing out. One of the instances was last month, upon a Delta Airlines flight when a family from California kicked off a Los Angeles-bound flight after […]

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Jimmy Kimmel reveals newborn son’s heart defect


Jimmy Kimmel reveals newborn son’s heart defect   Jimmy Kimmel and his wife welcomed to the world their newborn son, William.  William, was born with a heart disease that required surgery last Monday, three days after he was born.  Jimmy Kimmel opened up about his newborn son’s health complications in an emotional monologue Monday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He […]

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Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on ‘Live’

ryan seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on ‘Live’ Well, it has been officially announced this morning. Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Ripa’s new co-host. “Today, the next chapter of the ‘Live’ story is about to be written,” Ripa said. Kelly thanked all the co-hosts whom have included Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Jerry O’Connell, and Fred Savage.She is forever thankful and […]

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Top 5 Dirtiest Things

dirties things we touch

Top 5 Dirtiest Things We Touch Every Day Germs are everywhere!  Every day we get up and go about our day.  Did you know that some of the dirtiest things we touch and use everyday are located right in our own homes. Top 5 Dirtiest Things we touch every day are:   Handbags    Women carry them with them every single […]

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McDonald’s Replacing Hi-C Orange Drink

mcdonalds hi-c

McDonald’s Replacing Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Drink from all locations. Beginning in the 90’s this drink was the most popular flavor. Beginning this year they will be introducing a new drink in the soda fountain called Sprite TropicBerry that will be served exclusively at McDonald’s locations. It’s part of the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola. Hi-C ORANGE LAVABURST Ingredients: Water, High Fructose […]

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Tornados Leave Destruction in Texas


Tornados Leave Destruction in Texas     Tornados leave destruction in Texas leaving many people with damaged homes. People are waking up this morning from widespread tornados across Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Flooding and tornadoes killed many people and dozens injured. According to the National Weather Service, they have confirmed at least three tornados swept through parts of three counties […]

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