Senators get together at White House for North Korea briefing

Senators gather together at White House for North Korea briefing

Today Senators we escorted by buses to the White House. They had a briefing on North Korea that they said didn’t include any new information. Many reporters asked members of the Senate if their were any new developments or specific reason they got together. Many Senate officials were keeping a low key and were not offering any new developments. Is this a prelude to a bigger action plan for North Korea? Do you follow Donald Trump’s Tweets on Twitter? Follow him and read his tweets.

Here are some quotes from today:

  • No war is better than a war,” Graham said, but added that he believes North Korea won’t end the program until it knows the US is willing to use military force.
  • “To those who say we could shoot it down, we don’t have the capability — yet,” Graham said. “So what are you left with? Let them have a missile with a nuclear weapon on top, or stop them? The only way to stop them — if it is military force, so be it. That would be the end of North Korea.”
  • Sen. Cory Gardner, a member of GOP leadership in the Senate, said “it’s clear” the administration “is going to take more and more steps to pressure China as well as others in the region to get the results we need, which is peaceful de-nuclearisation.”



White House briefing about North Korea